Will Air Travelers Request to Fly in the Smoother Boeing 787?

Did you know that the new Boeing 787 is made out of carbon composite and not out of aluminum? While there may be some aluminum parts on the airplane, it is not like any other airliner that has ever flown passengers. Not only will this aircraft be more fuel-efficient because it is quite a bit lighter, but it will probably be one of the smoothest aircraft for passengers. This means that as more airlines get Boeing 787’s more passengers will start requesting it.

After all, wouldn’t you rather fly in an airplane that was much smoother when taxing? Or one that was less bumpy in the air? Sure you would, and when you fly in the Boeing 787 you won’t believe the difference, it will be like night and day. In fact, some Boeing engineers will say that in the aerospace industry there will be two time periods; one will be before the Boeing 787, and the other will be after this first carbon composite airliner. It will revolutionize the industry.

But not only is the Boeing 787 a more efficient aircraft, it is a better looking aircraft, with its elegant exterior design, and its divine interior lines. It is a cut above any aircraft ever built. Airlines will save money by flying it because it will be less costly to fly, and even though the aircraft is more expensive to purchase, and the debt load a little loftier to deal with, the amount of money saved per trip will be substantial, as fuel costs are one of the biggest expenditures of any airliner.

What about green consumers? Well, those consumers that want to protect the environment, are into alternative energy, and consider themselves green consumers will note that this airliner puts out a lot less pollution per mile than any other airliner ever build, which holds the same capacity. Please consider all this.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lance_Winslow

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