Staying Safe Around the Fire Pit

Fire Pit Safety

While a properly constructed and installed fire pit is already much safer than more traditional methods of enjoying an open fire at home, there are still a few basic safety precautions to bare in mind when using your fire pit. By making sure that the area around the fire is clear of flammable debris, ensuring the fire is out completely and not leaving your fire unattended, you will be off to the right start enjoying fire near your home by treating it with the respect that it deserves.

Clear the Area

The most important thing that you can do to make your fire area safe is to clean the perimeter of any and all debris. Leaves, sticks and other yard waste are the main thing that you are after, but you might take a moment to remove any fire propellants such as lighter fluid or lighters from plain view if children will be in the area without close supervision. Also, take a quick survey of anything in the area that could potentially get knocked over and fall into the pit by accident.

Make Sure the Fire Is Out

Though this may sound like common sense, it is also very important to make sure that the fire is entirely extinguished once your entertainment is complete. When using coal or wood in a fire pit, it is necessary to remember that a fire is not necessarily extinguished when the coals appear to be do burning. Be sure to double check that all sources of ignition have been extinguished before moving the party elsewhere. This can be accomplished by crushing the coals and holding your hand above them to see if there is any residual heat. If so, continue waiting for the embers to cool.

Do Not Leave Unattended

While there is no reason to be unduly nervous when enjoying the aesthetics of an open flame, it also important to remember that fire is a potentially dangerous process, and a moment’s lack of attention can lead to disaster. You can also be on the safe side by making sure that whoever is in charge of keeping an eye on the fire knows where the hose or fire extinguisher is located.

Geoffrey F. Moore
Fire Pits

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