Where Can I Can Find Eco-friendly And Cheap Accommodation In Sydney?

This is why the Cambridge Hotel is so unique. Located in the heart of the city, in the Surry Hills -Darlinghurst precint, this cheap Sydney accommodation is not only conveniently situated near some of the best cafes, restaurants and bars in Sydney, it is also accredited with a AAA 4 star energy rating. Relax, explore and party in the best part of Sydney, while reducing your accommodation costs and environmental footprint.

Here are some green initiatives that Cambridge Hotel has implemented:
– Energy and water minimisation. While rooms are very affordable in this cheap Sydney accommodation that doesn’t mean quality, comfort, or energy efficiency is compromised. In fact, all rooms are fitted with energy-saving key tags that automatically turn off lights once you leave the room. Air-conditioners all have 5-star energy ratings, and water flow is minimised in toilets, showers and taps.

– Waste reduction. Bin liners in rooms are biodegradable and waste is separated according to paper, organic matter, plastic, glass and general waste.

– Guest involvement. By providing separate bins, all Cambridge Hotel guests are encouraged to recycle. If desired, sheets and linen don’t need to be changed daily either.

– Office efficiency. At the management level, hotel administration use recycled or refilled ink cartridges in all compatible printers. Paper is recycled and harmful cleaning chemicals are avoided as much as possible.
Like many cheap Sydney accommodation units, The Cambridge Hotel loves offering affordable room prices, but we also believe it’s possible to be environmentally responsible along the way. And because Cambridge Hotel is small hotel with 170 guest rooms, it has even smaller ecological impact.


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