Tips on Flying to Malaga Airport

With the new terminal at Malaga Airport well under way and due to open next Easter, the way is open for a lot more flights to come into the Costa del Sol.

At the moment there is still plenty of choice with 9 airlines offering scheduled and charter flights into Malaga from 20 airports in the UK.

If you are flying here from the London area you can get flights from the main four airports: Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and Stansted Airports.

Still in the south, you can fly from Bournemouth, Bristol, Southampton, and Exeter.

Travellers from the North of England can fly into Malaga from Blackpool, Doncaster Sheffield, Leeds Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle. If you live in the Midlands you have the choice of Birmingham and East Midlands Airport.

Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow International and Prestwick Airports all fly to the Costa del Sol from Scotland. And finally you have the choice of Belfast International in Ireland and Cardiff in Wales.

As you know, things have changed dramatically in the airline industry over the past few years with rising fuel costs. As part of their cost cuts they have changed the way they price their tickets and it is no longer a good idea to try and book last minute seats as nine times out of ten this is by far the most expensive option. Try and book as far in advance as you can to secure the most competitive rates.

With online booking now so easy it is also worth getting costs for flying out with one airline and back with another. Also try and keep your dates and times as flexible as possible (I know this is not easy) as flying early or late in the day on a mid week flight will be much cheaper than a mid day flight on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

If you can avoid taking your holidays during the most popular times (Easter, July, August and Christmas and New Year) when the schools have broken up, again you will find the ticket prices are a lot cheaper off season.

This guide to flying into Malaga Airport was written by Linda Craik who is the main editor for the Spanish Airport Guide which is a comprehensive guide to all Spanish Airports.

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One Response to “Tips on Flying to Malaga Airport”

  1. Thomas Says:

    I think an expansion of the Malaga airport was really needed. The Costa del Sol is one of the major spanish tourist spots for english as well as for german travellers and finishing the new terminal by the beginning og the 2010 season will be right in time.

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