A Cheap Deal Destination

If you’re looking to get away next summer but are unsure of where to go and what to do, look no further! There are plenty of Spanish and Canary islands that you could travel to but some stand out far more than others. Fuerteventura is the oldest of all the canaries and is still scarred with strange contours from the various volcanic episodes. Not to worry though, the last explosion was recorded 7,000 years ago so you’ll be pretty safe! Get away from it all and recharge your batteries on this sun-bleached, pristine beached island. With many resorts offering friendly faces, beaches to die for and restaurants serving mouth watering food, which one to go to?

The one which stands out from the others, the diamond among the jewels is Jandia. Jandia Holidays bring you to the south east of the island on the southern peninsular, providing the perfect setting for an idyllic beach holiday. Sitting off the coast of Africa, Jandia offers year round sunshine with high summer temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius and the cooler winter months still being around 20 degrees Celsius. Sunshine levels are high, providing at least 9 hours per day in the summer season and minimum rainfall all year round.

Holidays to Jandia have an average of 320 days sunshine per year. Jandia holidays possess some of the best beaches on Fuerteventura with a stretch of over 32 kilometres of crisp, golden sandy beaches. Stroll along the shore with the crystal clear waters lapping your feet. With the largest, most remarkable beach on the island and enviable blue waters, Jandia holidays also offer an array of water sports which include windsurfing, scuba diving and surfing with the Atlantic breeze sweeping across the island making it a hotspot for watersports enthusiasts.

Jandia offers an extensive selection of bars, clubs and restaurants serving a whole variety of cuisine from Italian and German to traditional Tapas bars. Hosting a beautiful, quaint harbour which is home to some delicious seafood restaurants, sit back, relax and sample the catch of the day. As with all the Canary Islands, you can take advantage of the tax-free shopping venues where you can bag a bargain and stock up on your prezzy’s!

There is something for everyone here, for the more energetic and those who love to get out and about, take a trip to Pico de Zarza. Get off the beaten track and hike up this fairly steep incline to what is Fuerteventura’s highest point. Peaking at 807m, this walk will take you several hours so don’t forget your sun cream, water and food. Once you’ve reached the summit and recovered from the trek up there, you will encounter some spectacular views. Stand aloof and look through the clouds across the fabulous coastline.

Jandia National Park is also worth a visit and hosts hectares of beautiful golden sands making it easy to find your own private spot for the day. Jandia holidays offer some fabulous, luxurious hotels as well as family run apartments, so whatever your budget, there is something for everyone. Holidays to Jandia will suit all ages, couples and families whether it be a sun drenched, relaxing holiday or an active, adventurous trip, this is the destination for you. Get online and check out what deals are available! Whether you find cheap package deals or tailor made holidays, you’ll be sure to find a bargain to this beautiful Atlantic isle.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Laura_Elliott


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