Cheap Airline Fares – 7 Simple Ways to Find Discount Airline Deals

On any given flight, passengers in the same section of the plane are paying a wide range of airfares, with some paying twice what others pay. Due to the current economy…airlines are struggling with a decrease in passengers and fuel and other increases…learn simple ways to find cheap airline fares.

Airfare costs can be influenced by many variables, such as where you bought your ticket, how far in advance you booked, how you planned your route and what dates and days of the week you are traveling. In the end, the price that you are paying for your seat has little to do with how many miles you are flying. Today you have much more information on travel at your fingertips than a few years ago and this has put you as a traveler, in a better position than ever before.

Finding the best travel deal is an “ever moving target”. Many of the methods used years ago do not work any more.

The most important thing to remember with any travel booking is that flexibility means savings. If you can move your travel dates, departure times, and itinerary…even just a little…there will be a lot more fares open to you.

Most airlines are very competitive on the same routes. The trick in getting the best deals is not finding the best airline for the route…but finding the specific times and routes that offer the lowest fare.

Simple tips and advice to help save money on your next international flight.

• Be as flexible as possible…be willing to fly with any airline, on any given day.

• Do not wait until the last minute…plan ahead. You can find some early bird discounts.

• Consider flying to alternate airports…you can get cheaper flights by flying to secondary airports.

• Travel before or after the peak season…April, May or September, October.

• The week after Thanksgiving and New Years are dead weeks and deals are available.

• Travel Europe during the off season…November through March…extra discounts.

• Check Foreign newspapers for additional special fares…British papers have great promotions!

If you do use a travel agency to book your reservations…these same techniques will help you and the agency…find savings for your trip. Spend the time and do the research…you will find not only can you book the flights yourself…but you will be able to travel on the cheap.

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