Your Luxury Orlando Vacation Home Rental Tips

Tip #1: Know the distance to your planned destinations and plan accordingly

Always map out the address of your rental home and the proximity to the places you plan to visit. Don’t rely solely on the online quoted times of 20-30 minute drive or short walking distance. One person’s short walking distance may end up being a 2 to 3 mile hike in Orlando’s 90 degree heat. After you have mapped out your home’s distance from your planned excursions, be sure to make adequate transportation plans.

Tip #2: Read the fine print regarding the amenities you are paying for!

Cross compare your desired amenities between several properties you are considering. Check the rates for the amenities and select the house that gives you the best deal for your budget! Ensure that all costs and fees are upfront, documented and understood.

Tip #3: Make sure your vacation rental is large enough for your needs!

Check the dimensions of your rental property and ensure it will be large enough for your vacationing party. Many homes have sofa beds in additional to the multiple bedrooms to accommodate larger parties on vacation.

Tip #4: Read Online Reviews from Past Occupants

Always use the internet to find past testimonials from the property you are considering. This will give you an unbiased first hand review of the properties you are considering and an idea of what to expect when you arrive.



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