Smarts For Traveling

Believe It, “Americans Are Not Liked”

Firstly if you are an American traveling abroad you may be surprised to find that contrary to many beliefs Americans are pretty much hated in most countries around the world, even in places like England. This immediately puts you in a situation of being a prime choice of would be attackers or robbers. There are a number of reasons for this, mostly is it either due to hatred stemming from the US’ involvement in a war or just bad experiences with previous American visitors who have come across as being loud, arrogant and ignorant. Sorry, but it’s true. Take a note from Chris Leben from his fight in the UK with Michael Bisping, he conducted himself well and was respectful of the crowd even though he was there for a fight.So you may want to tone it down a little, certainly don’t go into bars bragging that you are not afraid – you fight just end up getting jumped by the entire bar! In some countries you are better off not flashing your US passport which can make you an immediate target – keep it in your pocket unless you need it. If someone is meeting you at the airport it may be wise to send them a recent picture of yourself so they can easily recognize you and vice versa.

Know What You Are Getting Into

Make sure you do a little home work on the country or area you will be visiting. Find out what customs you shouldn’t break in order not to offend your hosts. Get information on areas and neighborhoods you should avoid and in general you should stick to the busiest areas that are most popular with tourists.

Please, Know Some Basic Words in Their Language

Language is also one of the biggest factors or differences you will face when traveling. Many countries in Europe include English in their schooling so a lot of people may understand some English, but there are many countries you may visit where you may find no one that speaks English. Regardless, you will find that making an effort, even if it is learning a few words will make a great impression and your hosts will be pleased that you are least making an effort. Learning a few words of the language of the country you are visiting can also keep you out of a lot of trouble. Knowing at least a few words so that if you are approached in the street by any unsavory looking characters may help you stay out of trouble as it will not immediately reveal you as a foreigner and will make them think you may at least be a little savvy about where you are.

Stay Out of the Wrong Areas

Staying out of the wrong areas is the biggest part of staying safe when traveling. But sometimes this cannot be avoided. In the case the key to avoid becoming a victim is not to look like someone who can easily victimized. This does not mean acting tough (that can get you in more trouble), but keep your head up. Many robbers may often think a tourist will be an easy target and ask your for your money just to see if you are scared and give it up easily. Often just standing your ground and saying “No” is enough of a deterrent.

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