Cruise the Greek Islands

Borders all over the world have formed only recently – otherwise these people were free to come and go hence much of the food and culture overlaps the borders. The cruise operator by the name of Aegean sails offers their splendid yachts. These can be chartered by groups and individuals at the rate of $1500 per person. They also offer and open week in the month of July for a holiday with yoga instructions. Their yachts sail along the Turkish coast in the eastern Aegean. The airfare is not included in this.

Another Greek cruise for you would be by the Golden Sun – they have lowest prices and offer three, four and seven day cruises. Their itinerary is frequently revised. The 3 days cruise will take you to the Greek islands in this sequence – Mykonos, Patmos, Rhodes in Greece and Kusadasi or Ephesus in Turkey.

Crystal Cruise offers the Crystal Symphony – this is a luxury ship which takes frequent halts at Athens you could board their cruise and pamper you, with all the facilities on board – like the pool, spa, bars and beautifully appointed suites. These could be a finale or prequel to your cruise among the Greek islands. The Symphony cruises offer trips at very reasonable rates from Rome to Athens and vice versa. They make a short call at Egypt on their 3 days sail which costs $899 per person.


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