Burj Dubai is the Arab’s

Burj Dubai is the Arab’s contribution to science and art – the symbol of coming together of different cultures and countries. The ultimate show of progress and the future of the Middle East are all seen in the beautiful country of Dubai and in the skyscraper. The world tallest building that beats CN Tower of Toronto, Taipe 101, and Petronas tower of Malaysia is over 800 metres/2625 feet or 160 stories. Aside from being named as the tallest tower the other world record that Burj Khalifa beaten is the tallest standing structure of the world, the most number of floors occupied, the highest outdoor observatory deck worldwide, longest travel distance, and tallest elevators.This skyscraper broke 3 worldwide records. Records were previously held by KVLY-TV in North Dakota for tallest structure and CN Tower for free standing structure.Apart from being the tall, magnificent and famous the tourist would also find many interesting things in the Burj Dubai. A tall building would be useless without the observation deck and this can be found in level 124, fine dining in level 122, Burj Khalifa 900 residences, Corporate Suites, 37 office floors, the famous Armani Hotel Dubai with 160 suites and guestrooms. Furthermore, it also has an Armani Residences Dubai for those who want to own a piece of the world tallest tower through the 144 private Armani Residences. Aside from these, tourist can also find a park of 11 hectare, 3000 underground parking area, 4 story recreation and fitness annex to keep visitors and local residents keep fit all the time without going out. The Emaar Properties developer of Burj Dubai receives their first residents for the Armani Residences last January 2010, and the tower which houses a mix of luxurious apartments, Hotel, office space and modern lifestyle facilities and amenities was inaugurated in January 4 of this same year as well. This is to honor Dubai’s Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of the kingdom of Dubai, United Arab Emirates for his ascension.



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