Australian Wildlife Experiences

Wash an elephant
The Melbourne Zoo is an amazing place, filled with animals that may be common, and some that you possibly have never even heard of before. With beautiful habitats and passionate zoo staff, this experience is one not to be missed.

Most importantly, the zoo offers a range of programs that will make your visit completely unique, and memorable for the rest of your life. Activities like hand washing an elephant enable you to feel the warmth and roughness of their skin, look into their gentle and knowing eyes, and dry down their amazing, huge ears. Truly an experience not to be missed!

Steve Irwin Australia Zoo
Yes it’s another zoo, but it’s a zoo with a difference — well two. Firstly, Steve Irwin started the zoo, and was instrumental in every part of it – it is where he filmed much of his TV series, when he wasn’t in the bush and is the scene of many crocodile death rolls! Secondly, the big focus of the zoo is the amazing and huge crocs! Head to the zoo, watch the shows and be awestruck by the sheer size of these prehistoric creatures.

See the penguins
Phillip Island, near Melbourne, is renowned for its residents — the penguins. With tours running daily, visiting the island is a must when travelling to Melbourne. The sights on the island itself are magnificent, but more importantly, you will never forget the sight of the penguins waddling into the water and putting on their show. They are no ‘Happy Feet’, but they truly are breathtaking, making even the toughest visitors smile! You can book a Phillip Island tour before you leave, or a local agent can help you once you arrive.

The Great Barrier Reef
One of the largest reefs in the world, containing a vast range of coral and sea life species, The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world for a reason. Book a snorkelling tour — or dive if you’re game — and experience the amazing underwater world.

Swim with the fish, visit sandbars in the middle of the water and see a world of colour and life that you could never have imagined. Just keep an eye out – could that be a coral shark heading your way? Don’t leave Australia without doing it!

Treks and hikes
Of course if you really want to see Australia, the landscape and the wildlife, do it the local way. Explore many of the rainforest or country areas, by yourself, or with a group. Book a Blue Mountains tour, head to the rain forests that dot the coastline, or consider a farm stay so you can really experience the wildlife this country has to offer!


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