Living in the Lap of Luxury

Some of the better known resorts in town are Alpine Ridge, Grand Mumtaz Cottage, Highlands Park, and Pine Palace Resorts.

The Highlands Park Resort consists of a set of quaint cottages and presents a perfect opportunity for vacationers to escape the monotony of city life. These cottages offer a complete retreat from the outside world. They are located along small country lanes that are seasoned with flowers and tress on both sides. The cottages are surrounded by gardens and tall alpine trees. Highlands Park cottages have a characteristic old-world architecture built in a local traditional style. The rooms are fitted with the latest technology and vacationers do not feel detached from the reality of modern life. Some of the amenities you will find inside the rooms are central heating, color television, air conditioning, running hot and cold water, and in-bed heaters.

Gulmarg Srinagar has many sightseeing options. Day trips to these places can be arranged for with the help of the 24 hour travel desk at the hotel. You can plan trips to several picnics spots that dot the surrounding countryside. The town center is also just a short ride away. The hotel has a tennis court and a discotheque for recreation and fitness. The modern facilities for leisure in this hotel make it an ideal spot for fun and relaxation.

The conference hall in the hotel is suitable for corporate meetings as well as wedding receptions. As a guest you can make use of the modern equipment for business purposes such as projectors and audio visual equipment.

The two restaurants at the hotel offer authentic Kashmiri cuisine and this is a must try while staying at the hotel. Other hotel amenities include parking, laundry and air conditioning. Treks and nature walks can be arranged with the help of the hotel travel desk as well. Hotels In Gulmarg go the extra mile to make your stay comfortable and the cottages of Highland Park are a part of this proud tradition.


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